Sunday, April 12, 2015

Trial and Error

I'm down 36 pounds today.  I've had to continue to make minor adjustments to my supplements, to what I eat, and to how I exercise.  

Last year I bought a workout called PiYo.

It was "too hard" for me.  Even the modified version was too much.  It was one more thing that I quit.  I knew that I was going to really love it once I lost weight, so I hung on to it.  I decided to try it again, expecting to quit after day three.  I just finished week five.  What changed?  I still can't do the workout, at least not the way the DVD shows it to be.  Some moves I have to do on my knees, and other moves I use a chair, and some others I can only do one of before my body collapses.  It's working though.  My waist is shrinking in.  My legs look more like legs and less like a science experiment gone wrong.  It's not Yoga, it's not Pilates, it's something new.  It builds balance, flexibility, and stamina- much like my beloved ballet classes.  I'm actually working out every day.  This is not like me at all.  

I signed up for Weight Watchers Online because they were having a sale.  I love the new app.  I love having someone to text and ask questions with immediate response.  Plus, I don't have to attend any meetings.  I've lost 2 pounds a week since the first week.  I think I'll be doing this for life.  I'm eating some really delicious food in the process.  My husband has really stepped up to help with meals, and I'm eternally grateful.  (He's down to his lowest weight in years during this process.)

I changed my Nutribullet Nutriblast to one cup frozen fruit and one cup spinach, plus water and one package of Stevia.  I count the blast as 2 points.  

It's still delicious.  

I changed my supplementation as well.  I was having horrific fibromyalgia nerve pains shooting through my body, especially in my chest.  It felt like I was being electrocuted.  I added a few things to help.

The complete Amino Acids are 4 pills a day.  This means I take 9 pills a day.  I'd love to not have to take any, but I feel so much better that I don't dare discontinue any of them. 

I cut out all caffeinated drinks from my diet.  Even my beloved tea.  I never had a reaction to caffeine in the past, but they cause the nerve pain to flare up.  If I take my supplements (and stay away from caffeine) then I usually don't have any nerve pain at all, or if I do it is brief and muted.  

What do I eat?  We don't eat out much.  I eat grass fed beef, chicken, turkey, ham, swai fish, whole wheat, beans, vegetables, fruits, brown rice, olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter, eggs, mushrooms, popcorn, nuts, and I even enjoy potato chips once a day (kettle chips in olive oil).  We eat homemade burgers and pizza.  It's not that drastic.  

The brown rice was hard for me to switch to because of time.  I bought a cheap rice cooker and soak the rice all day while I'm at work.  My husband turns it on when he gets home, and after I get home and work out - the rice is ready.  You can do anything with brown rice.  I make it plain for Chinese food, or I make Cajun rice, saffron yellow rice, and even Mexican rice with it.  1 cup dry rice makes 2 cups cooked.  1 cup cooked brown rice is 5 points.  I'm not afraid of carbs anymore.  

36 pounds is a major difference.  Knowing that I'm in control and headed in the right direction makes me feel so amazing.  

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  1. That is so great!! You looked great when we saw you a few weeks ago; I meant to tell you. :) It's awesome that you feel better as well!