Tuesday, October 6, 2015

One Year

I bought my Nutribullet one year ago.  I still drink my green juice every day.  I used to worry that maybe this was a fluke.  I worried I'd wake up and the fibro would be back.  After a year, I don't worry about that anymore.   I barely take any supplements anymore.  I still take Vitamin D.  The nerve pain is gone.  I am back to drinking tea with no problems.  The muscle pain is gone.  I'm still tired all the time.  I was tired all the time when I was a teenager, though.  

I went to Europe this summer and walked constantly.  I walked up the hills.  I climbed stairs.  I ran through airports to catch flights.  My husband had to keep up with me.  

But I ate a lot, with good reason, and I came home to a deathly ill kitty that I took care of night and day.  
Then he passed away and I cried for weeks.  And I ate.  And slept.  

So I gained some weight back.  I'm back to losing now, and I'm back to exercising again, and I keep coming up with clever ways to make this new lifestyle easier.  

I've been making big batches of homemade beans, brown rice, and marinaded meats.  Then I freeze them in individual portions.  We use our bamboo steamer with parchment liners to reconstitute the rice, and the beans heat up nicely on the stove (but don't taste like canned).

learned how to make fish tacos, which helps because light fish is so unsatisfying.
We eat fish consistently once a week now.  

I'm learning that I feel satisfied with fewer calories if it tastes amazing.

The treadmill is repaired so I've done some walking and some weights.  Trying to keep it simple.  I'm doing P90 Sculpt B 3 times a week.  

I just want for those with fibro not to give up and only accept whatever their doctors tell them.  I thought my life was over.  I couldn't even get groceries without an electric buggy.  I couldn't go on vacation without a wheelchair.  I thought my adventurer days were over.  In the last year I've climbed castle walls in Estonia, been scuba diving, camped, went body boarding, swam with dolphins, climbed a Mayan pyramid, and I haven't been in excruciating pain once.  I'm able to do what I want to do.  So don't give up!  Find your own fibro root and pull it out!


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